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A Leading state-of-the-art-facility for VOLKSWAGEN Repair and Service in Dubai

With a wide range of modifications, the Camper van is one of the most popular vehicles around the globe. It can be modified to fit a multitude of needs including mobile advertising methods, food trucks, and even a home on wheels. The air-cooled engine is a familiar sound to petrol heads, and it is bulletproof in reliability.


Another car that is worthy of being mentioned in any discussion involving Volkswagen is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. It transcends the brand and has become a symbol of modern-day hot hatches. In 1974, the Mk1 Golf was launched. A year later, the sportier version was developed behind closed doors by a small team of skunkworks. The Golf GTI was a huge success and launched a new segment of the compact car market.


We see the GTI quite often in our workshop with customers who want to upgrade their vehicle’s performance and have it tuned. Dubai has a strong following for the Golf R32, Golf R and Golf R.


They are equipped with a 4-wheel drive system and the perfect tool to navigate the twisting roads of the Emirate at a fast, but safe pace. The current Volkswagen range seems to offer something for everyone, it is evident.


You can also choose from the Jetta and the Passat if the Golf seems a bit too small. When compared to other mid-sized saloons, the Passat and Passat CC have very distinctive silhouettes. Both have plenty of space and practicality. The CC has a striking look, too. AutoPros is a favorite among Volkswagen owners due to our fast turnaround times and affordable prices. We will always offer multiple options to suit any car’s needs. We will not compromise on safety issues, but we will give you the option to put it off until our next visit. This will make it more affordable for you.


Our Certified and Specialized Volkswagen Services in Dubai include


We cover everything from detailed diagnostics to general Volkswagen repair Dubai. Our specialties cover everything from minor and major service to a full mount engine rebuild, as well as bodywork, paint and upholstery. And a leading team with NANO Ceramic Coating skills.

If you’re searching for the best and most reliable Volkswagen services in Dubai, we are the perfect choice for you! Our certified Volkswagen specialists will take all the necessary steps in order to restore your car to its glory in a very cost-effective and efficient way.

We’ll happily pick up your Volkswagen from any desired location for FREE. Our expert technicians will then run a detailed vehicle diagnosis and keeping your current complaints in mind. We’ll keep you up to date with all the details of the process and the overall outcome.

We will then share an honest and transparent estimate and full report that contains all the details of your current car status. Once we receive approval on the job at hand, we restore your car to its optimum performance as promised, and we’ll also take the extra steps needed to advise you with recommendations on how to keep your car healthy and running smooth. This will ensure that your car’s market value is maintained at the highest level.

Once we complete the job, we perform a final road test for safety precautions and take the necessary measures to make sure all issued with your car have been resolved. We then drop the car back to your preferred location FREE of charge.

Customer satisfaction is always our number 1 priority and we have a long list of customers that have been happy and satisfied with our services for over 10 years. We nurture our customer loyalty to the highest level possible.

Our Specialized Volkswagen Services in Dubai include

  • Volkswagen Computer ECU Diagnostics
  • Volkswagen Quick Service
  • Volkswagen Major and Minor Service
  • Volkswagen General Maintenance and Repair
  • Volkswagen Engine Repair
  • Volkswagen Transmission and Gearbox Repair
  • Volkswagen Suspension Repair
  • Volkswagen AC Repair
  • Volkswagen Brakes Repair
  • Volkswagen Oil Change
  • Volkswagen Full Vehicle Inspection
  • Volkswagen Body Work
  • Volkswagen Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection
  • Volkswagen Engine Oil Leak
  • Volkswagen Transmission Oil Leak
  • Volkswagen Coolant Leak Repair
  • Volkswagen Overheating
  • Volkswagen Tire Change
  • Volkswagen Emission System
  • Volkswagen Engine Vibration
  • Volkswagen Engine Misfiring
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