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    Transmission Repair

    Being the crucial component in the operation of a vehicle, wear and tear in the transmission could send your car to a persistent slumber. Usually, transmission repair is the most pressing concern for all car lovers, thinking that it would take an exorbitant amount of time and money to repair it. At Autopros, we have ultimate solutions for all your transmission repairs, so if you suspect a slight problem in your transmission, get your car into our drive and resolve it without any hassles.

    For transmission repairs, it is a prerequisite to understanding the cause of your vehicle’s transmission, so that we could provide an apt solution for it. Sometimes, you would hear a grinding noise while changing gears or at times, you could sense a burned smell emanating from the fluid. By undertaking a road test and scanning the transmission, we are capable of analyzing the root problem, thus saving you time and money from the frequent visits that would entail for each step.

    Our experts at Autopros have years of experience in working on different types of transmissions of varying sizes, which has added to our strength of transmission repair and rebuild. Along with gearbox inspection, we handle transmission fluid change and transmission oil filter service that would help your vehicle to run smoothly. With our extensive knowledge, we could determine the faults in your transmission and come up with ways to make repairs. So, if your vehicle meets an abrupt halt with a grinding noise, entrust us as we have the right skills to get your car rolling. 

    Our Car Transmission Services in Dubai include:


    ·  Transmission/Gearbox Inspection

    ·  Transmission repair and rebuild

    ·  Transmission replacement

    ·  Transmission Oil refill and flushing

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