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    Suspension Services

    Oftentimes, you may curse the potholes in the road for giving you a bumpy ride. But there are chances that you may experience this jolt even on a tarred and well-kept road. Have you wondered why this happens? The answer lies within your vehicle itself. The most taken-for-granted aspect of the suspension system is what determines the type of ride you would be experiencing. Even though the suspension system is quite complicated, Autopros strives to make the services related to the area pretty easy and affordable

    That which defines the safety of your vehicle and that which imparts comfortability, suspension repair should not be taken lightly and if you are sceptical of any issue in the suspension system, make a head start and reach us as we would keep your car steady. If you feel every bump on the road or experience difficulty in steering, it is advisable to take your car for a proper inspection. Save your car from further damage by availing our expert suspension repair services.

    We are equipped with advanced tools to conduct a thorough examination of your car’s suspension system. At Autopros, we take care of all your needs and coupled with our extensive experience in the automobile industry and skilled workmen, we would be able to provide you with the apt solutions and advice. Along with repairing and maintaining the shock absorbers, we undertake suspension alignment and replacement, thus, ensuring a safe and secure drive.

    Here’s the manner by which we lead an assessment at The Gearbox:

    • We lead a careful assessment of your suspension framework and directing framework

    • Overall examination and conclusion of your safeguards and exhort you in the event that they should be supplanted

    • Wheel arrangement and wheel bearing output

    • Our Expert Car Suspension Services in Dubai include:

    • Shock safeguards fix and substitution

    • Under-carriage administration

    • Suspension arrangement and substitution

    • Wheel arrangement

    • Repair and substitution of axels and swaggers

    • Sports suspension portion

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