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    Scanning and Diagnostics

    We all undergo regular health checkups to see if our body is in perfect condition and to ensure ourselves that no major malfunctioning is worrying us. Similarly, your car must be hauled for a major inspection to check if it is working fine. From the engine, AC and suspension, everything is subjected to proper testing so that you could be assured of its supreme working condition. Before you get your car for servicing or repairing, it must be submitted for scanning and diagnostics to identify the inherent problems and thus, tackle them with apt solutions.

    Being the most trusted auto service provider, we are equipped with the latest scanning technologies and this has added to our strength of getting hands-on accurate readings of your car ailments. In time, your car would show not-so-visible signs of minor issues but we would hardly notice it. And yet, these issues have a huge potential to become grave if not dealt with accurately. Here arises the importance of running a scanning and diagnostics test for your car. At Autopros, we divulge our services efficiently so that all your maintenance issues would be plucked off from their roots.

    Our expertise extends to the diagnostics of a car engine, gearbox, suspension as well as checking for emission level and performance and brake systems. Due to our combined years of hard work, Autopros strives to make your car maintenance easy and convenient.

    Our Pre-Inspection Services in Dubai include:

    ·   Complete service history

    ·   Mechanical and electrical health system check

    ·   Overall transmission function check

    ·   Detailed engine scan

    ·   Computer ECU report

    ·   Manual test drive

    ·   Interior leather and fabric condition check

    ·   Exterior dent and paint check

    ·   AC, radiator and compressor check

    ·   Brake disks and brake pads health check

    ·   Suspension condition check

    ·   Tire pressure and age check

    ·   Overall performance, unusual noise and fluid level check

    ·   Exhaust system air flow check

    ·   Fuel injector system check

    ·   Battery life check

    ·   Accident and paint quality check

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