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    Rim Repair & Restoration

    The Auto Pros is one of the only workshops in the UAE that has the latest Laser controlled CNC cutting machine, specially ordered and certified from Denmark. Our state of the art CNC Rim cutting machine gives you the exact same finish as the original diamond cut rims you get from the dealership because the manufacturers use the exact same machine to manufacture their rims. With a fully automated Diamond Cutting machine, we offer our customers the chance to transform or restore their rims to an original diamond cut, with the finishing and color of their choice!


    We give our customers the opportunity to control how the cut looks between a rough cut and very smooth cut. Customers can benefit from this first by saving a lot of money compared to buying brand new diamond cut rims from the dealership, and also having the choice to transform your current stock rims to an original diamond cut. If you’re looking for some references of our work on diamond cut rims, kindly have a look at the gallery below.

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