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    Pre-Purchase Inspection

    Anyone would jump at the prospects of buying a used car at relatively low rates. For those who are managing a strict budget, this option is an easy catch. But only a few would make the effort to get it inspected before they decide to pay for it. Since it would be difficult for you to trace the history of your new car, you may be unaware of the repairs it had had to undergo. And without a proper check on these aspects, you would be investing your money for a lost cause. Our experts at Autopros would provide you with a detailed diagnosis report of your used car to ensure that you enjoy a good ride without worrying about anything.

    If you are thinking of buying a used car or have already bought one, it is recommended to undergo a pre-purchase inspection. You have already taken a risk, so why not avail our pre-purchase inspection services, so that we could save you from further financial losses. With our extensive experience in providing auto services, we would be able to spot the problems in the used car, thus helping you find a better way to negotiate. On the other hand, if we guarantee it to be in perfect condition by rectifying the underlying issues, you can kick-start your journey with your family.


    As a reliable service provider, Autopros would delve into the areas of engine scan, service history, mechanical and electrical health system check, manual test drive, interior condition check, battery life and much more. Through our advanced diagnostics, we would be able to gauge out the problems in a jiffy and provide you with a detailed report.

    Our Pre-Inspection Services in Dubai include:


    ·   Complete service history

    ·   Mechanical and electrical health system check

    ·   Overall transmission function check

    ·   Detailed engine scan

    ·   Computer ECU report

    ·   Manual test drive

    ·   Interior leather and fabric condition check

    ·   Exterior dent and paint check

    ·   AC, radiator and compressor check

    ·   Brake disks and brake pads health check

    ·   Suspension condition check

    ·   Tire pressure and age check

    ·   Overall performance, unusual noise and fluid level check

    ·   Exhaust system air flow check

    ·   Fuel injector system check

    ·   Battery life check

    ·   Accident and paint quality check



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