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    Major and Minor Services

    Just like you groom yourself occasionally through a spa, it is mandatory for your vehicle to undergo regular services at intermittent intervals. Having puffed enough smoke and run kilometres, it is now time to scale the efficiency of your car through proper maintenance and servicing. Sometimes, it could be a headache to take your car for a service but once you have become satisfied with our able hands where we prime them up and label them as ‘brand-new,’ you would be wanting for more and thus, waiting impatiently for the next round of services.

    Whatever be your car brand, our experienced technicians are equipped with superlative knowledge in servicing, who would accomplish the tasks at hand quickly and efficiently. As it is always suggested to service your car every year, we provide both the major and minor services. After checking the vital signs of your car and analyzing its needs, Autopros divulges its minor services in filter change and oil refill, AC maintenance and repair, tyre pressure check, brake fluid refill, battery health check and replacement etc.

    With a regular servicing in your cards, it is certain that your car could take you miles up and down. We would be working tirelessly to gauge out the problems and as we cover the major services in replacing air plug and spark plug filters, brake health inspection, power steering scan etc, you would be prepared to enjoy a smooth ride. So, get your car back to its optimum condition and savour the benefits of better fuel consumption, efficient engine and accurate brake system by entrusting us for a rewarding service.

    Our Major service Specialties in Dubai include:

    ·  Filter change and oil refill – 10K Premium quality engine oil used
    ·  Transmission system diagnostics and oil refill
    ·  Spark plugs replacement
    ·  Engine belt replacement
    ·  AC maintenance and gas refill
    ·  Tire pressure check
    ·  Tire rotation and wheel alignment
    ·  Brake health inspection & Replacement with Disc Skimming
    ·  ECU system reset
    ·  Engine coolant level check and refill
    ·  Brake fluid flushing and refill
    ·  Power Steering scan and fluid refill
    ·  Battery health check and replacement
    ·  FREE vehicle sanitization and wash

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