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    Engine Repair

    What would be your reaction when suddenly your engine revs and in a moment, it comes to a halt? We can imagine how agitated you would be. Little did you know that your car would be heedless to you after a long haul. But we know and we are here to resolve the issues in your engine to help you have a never-ending journey in your car. 


    It has become essential to stay updated about your engine maintenance and owing to its great impact on your car, you must trust something so important with a creditable service provider. Autopros is replete with skilled technicians, who have both the expertise and experience in repairing engines. 

    At Autopros, we guide you through a complete engine maintenance process, where we initially run a complete diagnostics test to your car. And based on the issues, we aim to reach out to the root cause by dismantling the engine. After analyzing the issue and replacing the faulty parts with new, genuine engine parts, we undertake a test-drive to ensure every problem has been rectified. Some issues cannot be gauged with a mere inspection and that is why we recommend you to have regular engine checkups. As we are constantly in pursuit of delivering the highest standards, you can be assured of our potential to bring your car to its original phase.

    Our Car Engine Repair Specialties in Dubai include:


    ·  Car engine Diagnostics

    ·  Car Engine dismantling and assembly

    ·  ECU engine scanning

    ·  Engine Oil leak repair

    ·  Car Engine overhauling

    ·  Car engine rebuild or replacement

    ·  Auto Engine timing chain service

    ·  Ignition misfire repair

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