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    Body Work

    Just like how we tend to the slight cut on our body, your car must also be patched up to keep it in perfect condition. As important as the interior components of a car, the exterior body must also be subject to constant pruning. As a reliable car service provider, we deal with the smallest dents to broken windshields and restore your car back to its initial and revamped state. Autopros has hands-on experience in handling diverse exterior car body repairs, which makes it an easy catch for you to avail our services.

    Suppose your car has been a poor victim of a drastic accident, we would understand how difficult the situation would be for you to cope up with. Be it the dangling windshields, scratched paints, broken frames or dented doors, we impart a new life to your car through our impeccable and efficient services. Sometimes it is inevitable to avoid accidents but it is always possible to alter the damage it has caused to your car. Autopros houses a proficient team of professionals, who are ready to change the outlook of your car.

    To avoid noticing any inconsistency in the colour that has the potential to diminish the market value of your car, it is necessary to take care of the scratches and dents. At Autopros, we help your car to attain a perfect body by extending our services in bumper and body panel repair as well as glass, door mirrors, handles, headlights replacement.

    Our Specialized Car Body Work in Dubai:

    ·   Body Accident Repair

    ·   Dent Repairs

    ·   Car-Scratch elimination

    ·   Body Panel Repairs

    ·   Body Panel Replacement

    ·   Chassis Straightening and Alignment.

    ·   Bumper Repair.

    ·   Bumper Replacement.

    ·   Body Work Painting.

    ·   Glass Replacement.

    ·   Door mirrors, moldings, trims, door handles replacement.

    ·   Replacement of headlights and rear lights.

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