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    Battery Services

    Anything and everything works with the power of batteries. Usually, when the battery dies, you put in a new one to make it work again. Your car battery is no less a powering agent that drives your way forward. It is only appropriate that a well-functioning battery is a prerequisite for the functioning of your car and if at all, your battery discharges, pump it up with our supreme services. As an industry-leading service provider, Autopros has established itself in doling out the excellent car battery services.

    By offering free battery testing, we would help you to understand the problems in your car battery and thus, give you a detailed report on the diagnosis. Our highly competent team utilizes advanced battery scanning technology, which would give you the most accurate results. By delving into the underlying issues in the battery cells, we would be able to offer effective solutions. After performing a cutting-edge computerized battery test, we offer the replacement of a new battery as per the need.

    At Autopros, we have created a name in offering car battery services with our years of experience. Whether it be in discarding or recycling old car batteries and cleaning of the battery tray or cable terminal ends, our expert hands at Autopros are trained to provide services to all types of vehicles. It goes without saying that a regular battery check is a mandate for every vehicle as it charges your drive. So, experience the full potential of your car with our exceptional car battery services.

    Our Car Battery Services in Dubai:


    ·      Advanced Computer Battery Test

    ·      New battery installation/replacement

    ·      Dismantling dead battery

    ·      Battery cable power diagnosis

    ·      Eliminating Battery-Cable Corrosion

    ·      Detailed Battery Electrical System Check

    ·      1-Year Warranty new battery installation

    ·      24/7 roadside support for battery jumpstart and replacement

    ·      Battery recommendations to accurately match your driving needs

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